22 reasons why we should all look forward to getting old!

22 reasons why we should all look forward to getting old!

In May (or possibly June) my new book, "Live Happier, Live Longer – your guide to positive ageing", will be published and in it, I outline all the numerous ways we can age well and enjoy health and happiness well into our latter years. 

Too many people, unfortunately, only see the negatives of ageing but there really is so much to look forward to. 

You can check out the new Facebook Page I've set up specifically for the book and all those interested in positive ageing HERE and you can also read this great list, below, citing 22 reasons why I can't wait to be really old…

by Jessica Blankenship

Without question, we live in a youth obsessed culture. People spend thousands of dollars undergoing horribly painful cosmetic procedures that typically do more to make them look frightening than to actually preserve or restore a youthful façade. But I refuse to buy into that mess. I don’t understand why anyone would put themselves through that; do you guys not realize how pathetic those desperate attempts to slow the progression of time are? Don’t you get how all of that is an annoying transparent manifestation of a fear of becoming irrelevant and unfuckable, which is really, deep down, a fear of death? Don’t you want to be braver than that? And more important, do you people not realize how completely incredible it’s going to be to get really old? Old people run this shit. Here are 21 pieces of evidence proving that theory, so that we might all stop dreading the unstoppable passage of time and embrace the distinct kinds of badass that we can only be once we’re of a certain age:

  • No one judges you if you want to go to bed at 8:30 PM. Actually, if you last that long, people are like, “Damn, she goes hard.”

  • Discounts on everything

  • Cutting in line. I don’t care if I have the healthiest, least afflicted elderly body in the game, as soon as there’s a long line at Trader Joe’s or the Denny’s bathroom, I’m acting my ass off like every bone I have is aching like crazy.

  • Letting my grandkids and great grandkids go through my closet and try on my old clothes from when I was young, which they will find endlessly fascinating. Let them pick one thing to take with them. Love the fact that they are going to get so much vintage cred when they wear it to school.

  • Going to the same place and ordering the same food every single day. When you do that in your 20s, people throw around hateful words like “boring”, “obsessed”, and “scurvy”. But when you’re super old, that’s just what you do. The wait staff knows your name and your order and you are a beloved customer who can eat whatever you want because you know what you like and you’re about to die…

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