How to find passion in your life

How to find passion in your life

In just a few short weeks I, Dr. Happy (aka Dr. Tim Sharp) will be running a half-day workshop in Sydney focusing on how to create more happiness and move closer toward living your best life by clarifying and identifying purpose, positivity and passion (more details HERE). 

If you're in Sydney we'd love you to come along (and/or spread the word) and if you're generally interested in this topic then we invite you to take a few minutes to read this interesting (related) article…

by Eric Barker

Researchers found there are two types of passion: harmonious and obsessive. The latter is a bad thing, more like an addiction or being a stalker. We’ll focus on the former, thanks. So what defines harmonious passion?

Robert Vallerand and colleagues came up with a “Passion Scale.” How many of these are true of an activity you engage in?

1. This activity allows me to live a variety of experiences.

2. The new things that I discover with this activity allow me to appreciate it even more.

3. This activity allows me to live memorable experiences.

4. This activity reflects the qualities I like about myself.

5. This activity is in harmony with the other activities in my life.

6. For me it is a passion, which I still manage to control.

7. I am completely taken with this activity.

Passion is good for you

As long as it’s not of the obsessive variety, having a passion can really be a positive…

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