10 lessons we can all learn from happy people

10 lessons we can all learn from happy people

I've no idea why really happy people are referred to in this article as "annoying" but I do like what they say about what we can learn from happy people about how to enjoy and create happiness for ourselves. 

You can read the full and original version of "These are the things that you can learn from annoyingly happy people"HERE

But if you just want the top 10 list then here you go…

  1. Focus on the here and now

  2. learn when and how to say "no" 

  3. smile, even at mean people

  4. laugh at your mistakes

  5. keep your home simple and tidy

  6. be happy with and grateful for even the smallest moments

  7. smile and trick your brain into thinking it's happy

  8. develop a positive attitude

  9. be happy with OK and let go of perfect

  10. accept others for who they are…with all their flaws

These are things we can all do, or learn to do, and when we do we'll experience more happiness. So get to it now…again, you can read the full article HERE if you like but just make a start on at least some of these top 10 tips and make your life a happy one now.