What’s your happiness back up plan?

What’s your happiness back up plan?

Here at Happiness HQ we had some unhappy people this morning!

What, I know, you expect us all to be happy every minute of every day…and to be perfectly honest we are mostly happy most of the time : ) 

But we had some major internet and server problems occur over the last 48 hours which meant we had no internet connection and no emails coming in…very frustrating in this modern world when so much of what we do is online : ( 

Anyway, we soldiered away and several of us attended to matters we should have dealt with ages ago and we even had some fascinating discussions we probably would not have had in the normal course of events. 

But none of this is really relevant to why I'm writing this short post…

…the reason I'm posting this now is that it got me thinking about back up plans. 

I've written many times about the importance of setting happiness as a priority and of developing a clear plan to bring about your happiness. I've also written before, but wanted to reiterate here today, about how important it is to have a back up plan. 

Suggesting things might go wrong is not being pessimistic; it's just being realistic. Whether we like it or not things WILL go wrong…but (depending on what it is) it need not necessarily have a major impact on us or on our happiness if we plan and prepare for it. 

So what plans do you have in place for break downs in your happiness? What plans do you have in place that will enable you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off when something goes wrong? 

Happiness is very much about enjoying the good times but it's also about getting through the tough times; and with happiness just like anything else, forewarned is forearmed. 

So share your thoughts on back up plans and setback bounce backs on, as always, our Facebook Page. I'd love to hear what you have in place or what you've used in the past to restore your happiness hard-drive following a breakdown!