Happiness guaranteed!

Happiness guaranteed!

A recent Huffington Post article titled "Surefire steps to a life of happiness and joy" piqued my curiosity. I'm always a bit concerned when I read words like surefire, guaranteed, secrets and the like. 

But upon further reading I found this particular article quite interesting and a little different. 

The author, Peter Baksa, listed a number of "strategies" including…

  • dispassion and detachment

  • decrease worldly goods and frugality

  • solitude and contentment

  • energy and delight in the good

Now I'm still a bit sceptical because I don't think there are any surefire ways that will work for everyone when it comes to happiness; we all have our own happiness paths or at least, we all need to find our own happiness paths. 

But I thought this Buddhist based approach might be worth reviewing by most of us and once you've read the full story HERE I'd love to hear what you find to be your "surefire" steps to joy and happiness!

So check out the story and then post, on our Facebook Page, your tips for others to consider and maybe learn from! Thanks in advance…