Happiness & its Causes Conference

Happiness & its Causes Conference

Today, Thursday June 16, I'm attending the Happiness & its Causes Conference in Brisbane, Australia (and I'm proud to say that I'm also presenting a keynote tomorrow afternoon)!

You can check out the conference and the program HERE but in short, there's a wonderful line-up of world class presenters from backgrounds as diverse as psychology and psychiatry, journalism and anthropology, buddhism and football, and much, much more! 

The next few days should be wonderfully informative with all of the above talking, in some way or other, about different perspectives on and paths to happiness. So I'm looking forward to hearing about ways of creating and boosting happiness via positive psychology, cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness, meditation, compassion and, well, we'll see…

…and you'll see too. Because I know that not all of you are attending the conference but I know many of you would love to be here listening to all these fascinating people. So, I'm going to do my best to keep you posted via my Twitter feed (just click HERE and follow me @drhappy) and also via Facebook Page HERE

You can even interact with me and/or ask questions by posting comments on Facebook or by tweeting and including @drhappy in your post. 

So join me over the next 2 days at what I'm sure is going to be an amazing happiness festival! Cheers for now…

Dr. Happy : )