Happiness lessons from another movie – The King’s Speech

Happiness lessons from another movie – The King’s Speech

A few short weeks ago I went and saw, and thoroughly enjoyed, The King’s Speech which is based on the true and fascinating story of King George V and which includes a stellar cast including Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, Guy Pearce and Helena Bonam Carter (to name just a few).

Now this is a slightly unusual film in 2011 as there’s no special effects, it’s not in 3D, there’s no violence, sex or anything that would really be considered exciting or controversial!

Yet it’s gripping and funny and entertaining and beautifully written and superbly acted. It is, in short, a compelling story that’s superbly told and there’s little doubt that it should be seen by all and sundry.

But I don’t review just any old film here, even the really good ones, so it’s probably time to explain why a significant portion of this eNewsletter is being taken up in this way. Well, quite simply, because among other things this film portrays a man who in his own way brilliantly illustrates the successful use of strengths (especially as a way to overcome adversity)…and as we know, appropriately utilising strengths is a great way to boost happiness and health and wellbeing and to achieve success!

You can read more about the film and the story behind the film HERE but in short, The King’s Speech is about King George’s attempts to overcome a disabling and distressing stammer (quite an occupational hazard if your “job” requires frequent public speaking!). I’ll try not to give too much away but basically, he ultimately triumphs by using his admirable courage and perseverance (two signature strengths). The film also highlights the touching social intelligence and support of his wife, the hope instilled by his teacher and the use of humour by many.

There are many great films and many great films that directly or indirectly have their stars stumble upon or directly focus on utilising core strengths to achieve some good outcome; this is another to add to the list and one that can be highly recommended on so many levels. Enjoy, and have your say about this film on our Facebook page

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