Happiness Lessons from Woodford

Happiness Lessons from Woodford

I’ve just returned from Woodford Folk Festival and thought I’d quickly share these happiness lessons with you all…

…but before I start, for those of you not familiar with this incredible event, check out www.woodfordfolkfestival.com

Now, back to the happiness lessons; this year I learned, or was reminded of, the following…

  • happiness stems very much from generosity and compassion
  • happiness comes to those who do good (and THEN they feel good)
  • happiness is going with the flow (but from also having a back up plan)
  • happiness is doing something different (preferably, something COMPLETELY different) from your normal routine
  • happiness is patience, tolerance and mindfulness
  • happiness is sharing and communicating
  • happiness does not necessarily require cleanliness 🙂
  • and happiness can easily be achieved WITHOUT mobile phones and internet connection!!!

That’s just a quick summary; no doubt I’ll reflect more on my past week and share some other lessons and thoughts with you soon. Until then, keep well and keep smiling…