Degrees of happiness

Degrees of happiness

My son’s seen my on TV, heard me on the radio and seen my books in bookstores; so he things I’m REALLY famous and can’t understand why when walking down the street, people don’t stop and stare and point at Dr. Happy!

I recently tried to explain, therefore, that there are degrees of fame. I guess I’ve achieved a small degree of fame but thankfully, I’m not recognisable on every street corner by every person!

As I was thinking about this I began also to reflect upon degrees of happiness. Most people have achieved some degree of happiness but how many will achieve levels of happiness equal to “world champions” like the Dalai Lama or…Tony Robbins (I’m joking, here)!

Some may aspire to achieve happiness equal to a Buddhist monk but others might be happy with happiness levels equal to the guy next door or their colleague at work.  Just as I don’t want , necessarily, to be world famous many might not want to be world happy!

And so I invite you to reflect on the degree of happiness you want to achieve/experience. Do you want to be recognised by everyone, everywhere for your happiness? Or do you simply want to enjoy some happiness every now and then?

I don’t suppose there’s any right or wrong answer…only an answer that feels right for you (and thus, makes you happy).