Make Life More Positive By Practicing Self-Compassion

Make Life More Positive By Practicing Self-Compassion

via Thrive Global by Adrian Sullivan

Self-compassion is treating yourself with unbounded care and kindness in spite of the challenges life throws at you. Having self-compassion allows you to positively move your life forward.

It’s very easy to be your biggest critic and feel down when things do not go as intended. However, having a hyper-critical mindset tends to focus on past failures. Instead of harping on what we did not do well, we need to learn from our mishaps and create better plans. Having self-compassion reframes failures and setbacks as valuable lessons.

In my experience, entering adulthood is difficult because of the change of systems we’ve grown accustomed to—The systems that either parents, guardians or school provided begins to be our full responsibility. For this reason, self-compassion is needed as we get accustomed to these growing pains.

Anything you practice good habits towards will grow. Naturally, we don’t have much experience in primarily caring for ourselves so we tend to struggle. Struggling with new challenges is normal and to be expected. The power of self-compassion allows us to provide the self-care that was handled by parents and systems in our early developmental years.

In a world where a lot of things are naturally against you, you have to make sure you aren’t against yourself. Growing to be your biggest cheerleader and motivator is what self-compassion is all about. Self-compassion can also help boost your happiness by helping you become mindful of your internal dialogue. How do you respond when something goes wrong in your life? Are your thoughts and actions bringing you down or uplifting you? Once you develop this consciousness, you are able to assess your self-compassion level and gradually raise it.

Having self-compassion will also positively benefit those around you. It is a journey to work on being the person who treats themselves with love, kindness and care. Making those decisions for yourself will motivate you to encourage those close to you to do the same. Here are three tips on how you can start practicing self-compassion…

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