Some beautiful Festive Season stories to warm your heart

Some beautiful Festive Season stories to warm your heart

Happiness…it’s all around us.

Happiness…it’s in the good deeds we and others do.

Happiness…it sometimes gets lost among the negativity that’s so prevalent within the media and news cycle.

But here’s a remedy; here’s some happiness in the grace that’s present among some truly beautiful gifts…

via the Washington Post

In the darkest season, when the days are short and cold, a special kindness blossoms. At this time of year, charitable donations spike, and the plight of those who struggle edges closer to center stage.

But ask people about the best thing they’ve ever given to someone else, and their memory search stretches beyond the cheery rituals of Christmas. Ask about the gift that meant the most to both the recipient and the giver, and people talk about the most unexpected of moments, gifts that were neither neatly wrapped nor intricately planned.

What rises to the top of the list are impulsive, instinctive gestures, often small and quiet, that carried a grace that couldn’t have been predicted. An old man falls and a stranger offers a gift of presence and time. A sad story on Facebook about an accident and a loss leads a man 1,600 miles away to offer a song of solace and friendship.

When words fail a woman whose sense of self depended on them, her husband hands her an envelope full of just the right ones.

We start with a gift that soothed the most wrenching of human trials, a solitary battle against a fearsome illness. A co-worker steps in, unasked, because no one should be alone.

And we end with the plainest and most powerful of gifts. When all seems lost, a woman gives a present that costs nothing and delivers all: She decides simply to be near…

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