More words of wisdom from Lou Tice

More words of wisdom from Lou Tice

Enjoy the article below and remember, everything Lou says applies to building a world with more happiness (and a life with more happiness).

Winner’s Circle Network with Lou Tice – 8/29/07 – “Building A Better World”

How do we build a better society, a better world? Today, I will give you my prescription for a better world.

I get e-mails nearly every day, and some come with special requests. One such person wrote, “I’ve been reading your words lately as you talk about raising kids and dealing with conflict and adversity, and the importance of self-respect and self-esteem. Now, would you please talk about how we can build a better world.”

I’d be glad to. In fact, I have been all along. Because, you know, if we want a world with more intelligence, more clear thinking and honesty, more goodwill and brotherhood, what we have to do is cultivate these qualities in ourselves first.

There is a natural progression in social advancement from the individual to the family, then out to the community, the nation and the world. The line of progress can move in no other direction. Every time you show tolerance and understanding, all of us live in a more tolerant world.

Every time you reach out to help someone in need or show kindness to another, with no thought of personal gain, you improve the quality of society in general. Every time you grow as a person, as a parent, as a human being in community with others around you, you change the delicate balance of life on earth.

So, you see, the most important thing you can do to make a better world, is make a better you.

Lou Tice

The Pacific Institute