Happiness – education and friendships

Happiness – education and friendships

Armand Nicholi, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, asks his students each year whether or not the people around them are generally happy. Almost always he is answered with a resounding no.

Happiness is also the reason why you have come here to USM. Like me, you are here to receive a college education and hopefully secure a better future for yourself, all in the pursuit of happiness. In addition, those who truly love you want nothing more than for you to be happy. Philosophers have been searching for it, and religion claims to know how to acquire it.

Happiness is the one thing we as a human race desire above all else, and, ironically, it is the one trait that constantly slips through our fingers.

Generally speaking, if I were to ask college students what would bring them happiness in life, most would answer in something similar to “fame and fortune.” It is safe to assume most students who attend college desire to be successful, hoping it will bring them happiness.

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