Enhance familyê¢__‘_Ê¢s health, happiness with family mealtimes

Enhance familyê¢__‘_Ê¢s health, happiness with family mealtimes

Enhance family’s health, happiness with family mealtimes

(from The Times, Liberal – http://www.swdtimes.com/view.php?I=1039)

Sometimes a seemingly simple act can have a profound impact on your family’s well-being. ‘studies show that enjoying more meals as a family can improve physical, mental, and emotional health for children and teens.”

Family mealtimes are about more than eating healthy food together. They increase family communication, which affects everything from substance abuse to performance in school.

Asurvey by the National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University revealed that young people who ate dinner with their family five or more times per week were much likelier to report receiving either all A’s or mostly A’s and B’s in school.

They were also much less likely to have tried cigarettes and alcohol. Making a commitment to regular family meals – with nutrient-rich foods served in a pleasant atmosphere- is one of the simplest ways to enhance your family’s health and happiness.

Here are five easy tips for creating quality mealtimes:

ê¢ÔÔ Make family meals a top priority by writing them into everyone’s calendar.

ê¢ÔÔ Plan ahead by creating simple meals and shopping for ingredients on the weekend.

ê¢ÔÔ Share responsibilities by letting every family member choose the menu for one night.

ê¢ÔÔ Set a special table by adding a simple candle, some colored napkins or a few flowers.

ê¢ÔÔ Treasure the time together by turning off TV’s, DVDs and cell phones during mealtime.